Rev. Al Sharpton suggested Tuesday that a remark that Bill Clinton made about President Barack Obama may have been racist .

During an interview on Fox News with host Sean Hannity and conservative pundit Ann Coulter, Sharpton defended Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in the wake of his racially insensitive comments that are described in a new book titled, "Game Change." While defending Reid, Sharpton said an alleged comment Clinton reportedly made was "far more disturbing." 


In the book, Clinton is quoted as telling Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), "A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us coffee."

Sharpton told Hannity, "I think Bill Clinton said is something you ought to be dealing with. I have said, and you know I said it, that that was far more far disturbing and I think it was far more offensive [than what Reid said.]"

Hannity asked, "Was it racist?"

Sharpton responded, "If he meant that he would have been serving because he was black..."

Hannity said, "Well, what do you think he could have meant?"

Sharpton said, "Well, that's what I want to know."

Later in the interview, Sharpton, unsolicited, said, "Why aren't you all talking about Bill Clinton? You know why? Because Bill Clinton is not in charge of the Senate. He's not the one pushing healthcare [reform]. You're taking a statement [from Reid] you know is nowhere near what Clinton is accused of saying and going after Reid for purely political reasons."