An interesting anecdote from a Minneapolis Star-Tribune piece on Al Franken's staff:

 In mid-November, four months into his new job as a U.S. senator, Al Franken faced a testy spat between his chief of staff, Drew Littman, and his top legislative aide on farm issues, Mark Wilson.

The dispute ended with Capitol police ushering Wilson out of Franken's office and has led Wilson to charge that Minnesotans like him are being shortchanged in the makeup of Franken's fledgling Capitol Hill staff -- a rare insider accusation that has fueled questions about the legislative priorities of a celebrity politician now six months into public office.

"If he's representing Minnesotans," Wilson said, "why aren't there Minnesotans there?"

Wilson no longer works for Franken. Nevertheless, it's not great publicity for a senator hoping to downplay his celebrity status and focus on constituent service. However, the Star Tribune does go on to note that Franken's staff makeup isn't that out of whack:

In fact, Franken's 19-member Washington staff includes 13 people with significant Minnesota ties, a ratio similar to that of the state's senior U.S. senator, Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar.