Senate Democrats summoned the memory of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) to push for healthcare reform.

As lawmakers approach the finish line of their drawn-out bid to reform the nation's healthcare system, the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) released a web video highlighting Kennedy and other historic figures' health reform efforts.

The video comes amid what appears to be the final stages of health legislation.

Kennedy had called health reform "the cause of [his] life" before his death in August. Some Democrats had suggested in the wake of Kennedy's death that the health bill be renamed for the Massachusetts senator.

The video also comes before a closely-watched election in Massachusetts to permanently fill Kennedy's former Senate seat. The senator's widow, Vicki, has vigorously campaigned for the Democratic candidate in that race, Attorney General Martha Coakley, to maintain the 60-vote majority needed by Senate Democrats to move forward with healthcare reform. Republicans, for their part, have also made that race about healthcare, promising that their candidate, Scott Brown, would block the health bill.

Watch the video below: