John Edwards's popularity has fallen to 15% in his home state North Carolina in a new Public Policy Polling survey: the lowest finding of any PPP poll ever.

Edwards, who fell from political grace after a news broke of an affair and possible child out of wedlock, has been back in the news recently as a new book on the 2008 campaign revealed more nasty details about his turbulent marriage. (For an excerpt from "Game Change," see here.)

Edwards had a 19% favorable opinion in May.

An interesting note from the PPP write-up:

"Interestingly he is actually more unpopular with men (75%) than women (68%).  25% of Democrats still hold a favorable view of him, but only 9% of independents and 3% of Republicans do."

The survey also found a steep drop in Elizabeth Edwards's popularity, who now garners 46% approval. That stat was 58% in May.