President Barack Obama was "not pleased" by the political situation in Massachusetts, the White House acknowledged Tuesday.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that the president was far from pleased about how close the Senate race in Massachusetts has grown.

"He was both surprised and frustrated," Gibbs said, adding the part about how Obama was "not pleased."

The president traveled to the Bay State on Sunday to campaign for Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley in the race to fill the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's (D) seat in the Senate.

Republican state Sen. Scott Brown has waged an upstart campaign against Coakley, where polls show a too-close-to-call race heading into today's polling.

Gibbs refused to speculate on whether Coakley might lose, though, or what the fallout of a loss for Democrats might be.

"Healthcare is a great priority to this president," Gibbs said. "We can get into discussing the results of this election tomorrow when we have the results."