Progressive activists say the results of the Massachusetts Senate race make clear that Democrats should move ahead with a public option.

A coalition of progressive groups, including the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Democracy for America (DFA), sponsored a poll of Tuesday's voters showing that a number of 2008 Obama supporters in Massachusetts think the healthcare bill isn't strong enough.

For example, among Obama supporters who ended up voting for Brown in the special election, 82% support the public option, according to the poll. 

"In an election between Scott Brown and the public option, the public option would have won," said Charles Chamberlain, political director of DFA.

Moreoever, when asked whether Democrats were "delivering enough on the change that Obama promised" in the campaign, just 37% of Obama voters who switched to Brown said yes.

Of course, there's a bit of cognitive dissonance here, since those voters ended up picking a Senate candidate who opposes the bill altogether.

Nevertheless, PCCC, as well as Democracy for America (DFA), is urging Democrats to scrap their former approach to healthcare and pursue budget reconciliation.

The groups claim to have gathered 100,000 signatures on a petition supporting such an approach in the last 24 hours.