Martha Coakley's pollster said Thursday that “anger is a lot more motivating than hope," adding that 2010 is the "year of the ornery voter."

Celinda Lake, Coakley’s pollster and a top pollster for the Democratic Party, said anger and frustration at Washington, D.C. are rampant across the country.


In saying that anger trumps hope, she suggested that President Barack Obama’s “hope” message of 2008 will not resonate this year.

“Ironically, voters voted in Massachusetts, and New Jersey and Virginia for exactly the same thing they voted for in 2008. They voted for change,” Lake said. “And if they don’t get it in 2010, they’re going to vote for change again. One way or the other, they are going to force this change.”

Lake made her comments during a panel discussion at the American University Washington College of Law two days after Coakley lost to Republican Scott Brown for Sen. Edward Kennedy's (D-Mass.) old seat.

She warned that Democrats aren't the only ones who should fear for their political lives this fall.

“Frankly, if you held the elections right now for governor in most of these states, in the 37 states up, you would see a record number of Republicans replaced by Democrats, and you would see a record number of Democrats replacing Republicans,” she said.

“[2010] has potential to be a bad year for Democrats and also has the potential to be a bad year just for incumbents period on both sides of the aisle,” she said.

Lake labeled 2010 as the “year of the ornery voter.”