Republicans aim to have a candidate in every congressional district in this fall's midterm elections, said the top GOP member in the House on Monday.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) asserted that no seat is safe for Democrats after Republican Scott Brown's victory in a special election for the Senate seat in Massachusetts last week.

"There's not a seat in America held by a Democrat that can't be won. Massachusetts proves that," Boehner said Monday morning during an interview on Fox News. "My goal is to make sure we've got candidates in every single seat in America — 435 of them."


Boehner hinted at some of the disorganization and fissures within the GOP over the past few years, but said that Brown's winning of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's (D) old Senate seat marked "a clear repudiation" of the policies sought by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Republicans are increasingly confident in their ability to make inroads in Democrats' House and Senate majorities after the special election win, as well as continued retirements by vulnerable Democrats, the latest being Rep. Marion Berry (D) in Arkansas.

Boehner said it's his goal to win back the House and become Speaker, a goal that would need to see the GOP win 41 seats in this fall's midterm elections — a tall order by any standard.

"I handed [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] the gavel the past two congresses; I think it's time for her to hand me the gavel," he said.