Sen. Blanche Lincoln's (D-Ark.) campaign said Monday that the senator is not being urged to retire.

Lincoln spokeswoman Kate Laning Niebaum said the senator is under no such pressure from national Democrats.

"No truth to it," she said.

Whispers that national Democrats would like Lincoln to step aside have been picked up in recent days by some media outlets. They come as her political standing looks more and more tenuous. A recent poll showed her with an approval rating below 40 percent.

Democrats quietly urged Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) to step aside recently, but in that case, it was much more clearly to their political advantage to do so. Despite Lincoln's declining numbers, it's hard to see who the clear and superior alternative is.

The original report suggested Democrats would rather have Wesley Clark or Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) take up that party's mantle. That seems a bit odd when talking about Clark, though Ross could be a worthy (better?) replacement.