Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) outlined his vision for a new "Contract With America" after calling for a revival of the GOP's 1994 campaign manifesto.

After having talked about releasing a new version of the contract, Gingrich took to the pages of the conservative Newsmax magazine to lay out his new version, which centers on the economy and budget, government reform, ethics, and homeland security.

"I believe there would be a lot of advantages in October to having a contract-centered campaign if the House Republicans can work their way to a serious, collective, positive commitment," Gingrich wrote, adding that releasing a new contract in September would serve as a "powerful unifier" ahead of this fall's midterm elections.

Gingrich helped organize the 1994 "Contract With America" before the midterm elections that year which swept the GOP into control of the House and Senate, and Gingrich to the Speakership.

The former Speaker outlined 10 suggested areas for GOP leaders to focus on ahead of a potential new contract (in Gingrich's words):

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs
  2. Balance the budget
  3. An American energy plan
  4. Congressional appropriations reform
  5. Litigation reform
  6. Real health reform
  7. Every child gets ahead
  8. Protect religious liberty
  9. Protect Americans, not the rights of terrorists
  10. Defending America is job one for government

Still, Gingrich warned GOP officials to not take the prospect of a new contract lightly, warning that "a contract is an explicit commitment to act," and not a party platform.