Several dozen lawmakers want to simplify the process of matching Haitian orphans with American families that want to adopt them, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said Tuesday.

At a press conference, Landrieu said that proposed legislation would deal with both short-term and long-term adoption issues in reaction to the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti two weeks ago.


"The old regular process, the old regular bureaucracy, is not going to work," she said, according to CNN

The Louisiana senator said that she would press for the bill, the Families for Orphans Act, out of to come out of committee this week for a full floor vote.

Lawmakers at the press conference highlighted problems bringing Haitian orphans back to the U.S. due to paperwork lost in Haiti and the need to protect children from human trafficking.

But some aid groups say that adoptions should be halted in order to verify if children have lost their parents to the earthquake or if they have just been separated from their families.