‘Nostradamus’ of Middle East predicts unprecedented crisis for Obama in 2011

The Middle East’s answer to Nostradamus said that President Obama will be confronted with situations “never faced by previous presidents” in 2011.

Michel Hayek, who delivered his predictions live on New Year’s Eve from the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International channel for the 26th year, drew millions of viewers throughout the Arab world.

For his region, he predicted “there will be an assassination that will be hailed as the crime of the century, but the world will recover” and a “major disturbance or shake up in the waters at the Strait of Hormuz.”

But his predictions included plenty of Washington mentions, according to The National.

Along with Obama’s unprecedented difficulties, Hayek predicted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be “caught on camera broken and devastated.”

In a tip to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, he predicted U.S. airports will also be targeted again by terrorists “due to unknown weak points.”

And he also predicted that Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates will jump into politics in 2011.

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