Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.) will retire at the end of this term.

An Indiana GOP source told The Hill that Buyer, who's been the subject of scrutiny over his Frontier Foundation, will not seek reelection.

Buyer, according to WISH-TV in Indianapolis, will cite his wife's health concerns as reason for his retirement.

"For all of the House Republican spin coming from their lobbyist-funded retreat today, the numbers don’t lie: There are 15 Republican retirements versus 13 for Democrats in the House," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) National Press Secretary Ryan Rudominer. "So instead of drinking Eric Cantor and the NRCC’s Kool-Aid, House Republicans continue to show a lack of confidence in their ability to take back the House as Republican retirements are mounting and their own members refuse to invest in the [National Republican Congressional Committee]"

Buyer's district had been considered a "solid Republican" seat by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, an election analysis group. Republicans maintain a 14-point edge in the district, making it likely, though not certain in an anti-incumbent environment, that Republicans will hold on to the seat.

"Voters in this district have long supported conservative candidates and values, and we are confident that these Hoosiers will continue to be represented by a Republican who shares Congressman Buyer’s record of fiscal responsibility and limited government," said Tom Erickson, a spokesman for the NRCC.