Democrats are going after Mississippi state Sen. Alan Nunnelee (R) for his record on taxes, but at least one punch didn’t land.

In a release this week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) says Nunnelee, in 1996, “sponsored a bill to increase income tax rates and optional standard deductions according to changes in the U.S. inflation rate.”

What that bill cited actually did, though, was increase tax brackets according to inflation. That translates to a tax cut, rather than an increase. The bill at the time was being pushed by GOP Gov. Kirk Fordice, in order to reduce state income tax rates.

Democrats are trying to call Nunnelee’s fiscal conservatism into doubt for his campaign against Rep. Travis Childers (D-Miss.). Before he can get to Childers, though, Nunnelee faces a primary with former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross, who is set to announce his campaign next week, and potentially Fox News commentator Angela McGlowan.

DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson said Friday that the mistake in the committee's release was a minor error in an otherwise iron-clad case against Nunnelee’s record.

“The bill was inadvertently included with a litany of other tax increases that Alan Nunnelee has supported over the years,” Ferguson said. “It doesn’t change the fact that Alan Nunnelee broke his word and a pledge to not raise taxes on Mississippi families. Unlike the NRCC’s invented accusations against Democrats, the question of Alan Nunnelee breaking his pledge is entirely accurate.”