President Barack Obama said he can't catch as much college hoops as he'd like, but relies on ESPN to keep him up to date.

In a mid-game interview on CBS during today's Duke-Georgetown game at the Verizon Center in D.C., the president tried his hand at some color commentary.

"I can't watch a full game, unfortunately," Obama conceded. "I'll kind of tune in and out, but Sportscenter keeps me posted."


The president has long been an avid basketball fan and pick-up player, and hasn't hesitated to make his thoughts on college basketball known. He filled out his March Madness brackets on ESPN last year, picking the North Carolina Tarheels to win it all, which they did.

A pool report on Obama's trip described the president as seemingly impartial during the day, though he did show some love for the Hoyas during his interview. (He did note that personal aide Reggie Love is a former Duke basketball player, though.)

"Obviously two great teams," he said. "I've been impressed, at least in the first half, with the guards for Georgetown."

Obama attended the game along with Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, both of whom brough their sons.

Obama took a light shot at the Ohio State Buckeyes, the former team of CBS color commentator Clark Kellogg, who'd beaten Obama's brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, while he was at Princeton.

"First of all, the Buckeyes are bragging about beating an Ivy League team, that doesn't say much," the president said.

Obama also joked about his own hoops game, and how he was exhausted after practicing with some of North Carolina's players last year. 

"I went to the Republican House caucus to prove I can go to my right every once in a while, but I've obviously got a stronger left hand," the president joked.

Obama noted his enjoyment of color commentary, too, warning Kellogg that his job might be in danger -- in either three or seven years, depending on how reelection goes.