A Scottish member of parliament wil be in DC today lobbying lawmakers to drop the U.S. ban on imported haggis.

The ban went into effect during a mad cow scare in the late 80s. MP Catherine Stihler says it's time to re-evaluate:

Here's Stihler's statement on the Labour Party website:

"I am going to have series of meetings in Congress today and one of the things we will be discussing is the US ban on importing haggis.

"The ban was imposed during the height of the BSE crisis when there were real doubts about British meat.

"But things have changed and haggis is perfectly safe to eat. The US market could be huge for Scottish companies.

"I will be pushing hard to get haggis back on the shelves. I am hopeful of change.

"Despite the mishandling of the Lockerbie bomber fiasco by the SNP, the cultural ties between Scotland and American are deep and strong.

"Getting haggis back in America would be a great way of improving relations.

"I am attending the National Prayer Breakfast with key Washington players on Thursday and whilst haggis won't be on the menu, I will certainly make sure it is on the agenda."