Dan Hynes has conceded to Gov. Pat Quinn in the Illinois Democratic governor's primary.

Quinn led by about 8,000 votes out of more than 900,000 cast in Tuesday's primary, which translated to less than 1 percent. Hynes held out even as Quinn declared victory and the White House congratulated him on his apparent win.

On Thursday morning, though, the state comptroller brought his holdout to an end.

"Well, the people have spoken, and the votes have been counted. And I'm here to report that we rose up but fell just a little short," Hynes said in a statement to the Chicago Tribune. "And if democracy means anything, it means that the campaign with more votes wins.

"We did the right thing. Made sure all the votes are counted and now we know for sure that wasn't us. And rather than contest or demand anything further, let's do the right thing again."

The GOP race is still undecided, with state Sen. Bill Brady leading state Sen. Kirk Dillard by 406 votes. All precincts have reported.