When Scott Brown is sworn in today as the Senate's newest members, he'll be moving in to one of the chambers plushest offices.

Brown will occupy the late Ted Kennedy's office in the Russell Senate Office Building, CNN reports.

Senate offices are assigned by seniority. Normally, a freshman would be relegated to one of the less desirable locations in the Capitol complex. But because Brown is joining in the middle of the term, he'll simply be assigned his predecessor's office to spare the logistical headaches of moving other lawmakers.

First elected to the Senate in 1962, Kennedy had one of the plumest offices on the hill, with balconies and a view of the Capitol.

Brown will move into the office in a few weeks--interim Sen. Paul Kirk still has to move out--and occupy it until the 2010 elections. After the turnover of the midterm elections, Brown will likely be downgraded to another office.