Did Danny Tarkanian confuse Ronald Reagan with ... Harry Reid?

The clip above shows Tarkanian, who is in a wide open GOP primary to face Reid this year, stumbling over his words as he apparently tries to talk about Reagan's "11th Commandment" -- thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

Tarkanian repeatedly says Reid's name rather than Reagan's and calls the pledge the "11th Amendment."

It's rather bizarre, really.

Here's a transcript of Tarkanian's comments:

I must correct the gentleman over here who made the comment about Harry Reid and the 11th Amendment. Harry Reid's comment about the 11th Amendment was, 'Thou shalt not attack a fellow Republican personally.' If you remember Harry Reid, in his campaign against George W. Bush -- George H. Bush -- there was a lot of differences in philosophy that Harry Reid brought up and distinguished himself from. In this campaign, my campaign has done exactly the same thing.

The clip was posted to YouTube by a user called "AnyoneButTark." That YouTube page also includes video from the same forum of Tarkanian talking about being recruited by the NRSC in 2004 -- which his opponents will use to try to question his outsider credentials -- and a clip of him admitting he has had "problems with the NRA."

UPDATE 9:00 a.m. Monday: Tarkanian's folks respond: "Tarkanian campaigns non stop. He's as susceptible to anyone of misspeaking, particularly if he's tired."