U.S. Olympic skater Peggy Fleming was in a minor accident with Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday night in Vancouver.

Together with vice presidential spokesman Jay Carney, Biden and Fleming were en route to an event during the crash. Fleming was slightly injured.
Carney said in a statement: “Earlier this afternoon, a van in the Vice President’s motorcade carrying members of the official US Olympic Games Delegation was involved in a minor accident while traveling to an event. Two members of the delegation, Peggy Fleming and Vonetta Flowers, received minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital as a precaution. They were both evaluated and have since been released. Neither the Vice President nor anyone else in his party was involved in the incident."

Biden's motorcade is no stranger to accidents. In November alone, the vice presidential motorcade was involved in three: one in which NYPD at the head of his security detail crashed with a cab, injuring three; another in which a pedestrian was struck and killed by two Secret Service employees in Temple Hills, Md.; and another in which a sheriff's deputy was hit by a car while escorting Biden's motorcade in New Mexico.