The political situation facing President Barack Obama partly resembles 1994, former President Bill Clinton said Monday.

Clinton said that the backlash against his push for healthcare reform in 1994, which resulted in Democrats losing control of Congress, is being replicated ahead of 2010's midterm elections, though the losses may not be as bad.

"Little bit," Clinton said in an interview with the Fox News Channel when asked whether this year's political environment resembles 1994.

"I think that the same thing happened," the former president added. "Healthcare is hard to do, but I thought it would happen this time because all the trends that prompted me to act are worse.”

Democrats have steadfastly maintained that they will push ahead with healthcare despite flagging popularity in opinion polls. Republicans would have to win 41 seats to take back the House, less than the amount they won in 1994 to historically take back the House.

Clinton predicted things wouldn't be as bad as they were for Democrats after his first years in office, though.

“[I]f we get any breaks on the economy and my party's rank and file of leaders, you know, kind of keep their heads on straight and keep focusing on the need to show up and get counted, I don't think it'll be as bad as '94," he said. "I think we'll do much better.”