House Republicans' healthcare bill will form the basis of the GOP's proposals at the White House summit Thursday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Tuesday.

Boehner said that House and Senate Republicans hadn't yet decided on whether to submit a single healthcare plan, which the White House pressed the GOP to submit ahead of the bipartisan meeting this week.

"I don't know that that decision has been made," Boehner said of whether Republicans would offer a single plan. "Many of the ideas outlined in the Republican proposal...will clearly make up the basis for our ideas about how to make our current system work better."

White House Communications Dan Pfeiffer sought to force Republicans to settle on one proposal, saying that of the various health plans that have been released by Republicans in Congress, "the American people still don’t know which one Congressional Republicans support and which one they want to present to the public on Thursday."

GOP leaders still reiterated demands that President Barack Obama drop the healthcare plan he released Monday.

"The president has basically crippled the summit on Thursday," Boehner said.

Still, the minority leader stressed that Republicans would not skip out on the Thursday summit, despite a number of complaints that the meeting, with its hope for bipartisanship, would be little more than for show.

"It's an invitation from the president of the United States," Boehner said. "I believe that when you get an invitation from the president, you go."