The Bush administration attorney at the center of the "torture" controversy fired back today, fiercely criticizing the Justice Department attorneys who accused him of misconduct in a recent report.

John Yoo penned a scathing op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer in which he calls the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) incompetent, politically biased and possibly guilty of criminal acts itself.

OPR released a report last week accusing Yoo and fellow attorney Jay Bybee of "professional misconduct" for rendering legal opinions justifying enhanced interrogation techniques. But the DOJ ultimately rejected that finding. David Margolis, the DOJ official who headed the investigation, said Yoo and Bybee merely used improper legal arguments.

Yoo, who now teaches at UC Berkeley, claimed today that the report vindicated him and took the opportunity to blast OPR:

The Justice Department's internal ethics watchdog, known as the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), has waged a witch-hunt against Bush administration lawyers who developed policies to protect the nation after Sept. 11. OPR lawyers - and the Obama administration - disagreed with the policy choices made by President Bush on the detention and interrogation of terrorists. But instead of arguing against those policies honestly and openly, they decided to fight them under the pretext of a cooked-up ethics investigation.

David Margolis, one of the Justice Department's most distinguished civil servants, was able this month to stop the politicization of our national security. He properly found that our work in the Office of Legal Counsel on the lawfulness of interrogation methods did not violate standards of professional conduct.