House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) says there is no truth to reports that President Barack Obama will press Congress to pass a significantly smaller healthcare reform bill.

"I don't have reason to believe that that's accurate," Hoyer told The Hill following a speech at a Federation of American Hospitals conference Tuesday.

With Obama slated to make an announcement Wednesday on a final path forward to complete the year-long healthcare reform effort, several media outlets have reported that he will set aside the bills passed by the House and Senate and unveil a new, smaller proposal that would expand federal healthcare programs and make some other reforms but no seek the comprehensive overhaul for which Democrats have been striving.

Prior to the bipartisan healthcare summit last Thursday, Obama issued an 11-page document intended as a platform for combining the House and Senate bills.

That's still plan, Hoyer said: "He outlined in 11 pages his proposal and I have no information he's going to change that."

Hoyer affirmed that Democratic leaders intend to press ahead with their plan for the House to take up the Senate bill and for both chambers to consider a package based on Obama's proposal via budget reconciliation rules that would allow the smaller bill to pass the Senate on a simple majority vote. Both bills would then go to the White House for Obama's signature.