The co-chairwoman of the Blue Dog Caucus said today she will oppose the Senate version of healthcare reform if it comes up for a vote in the House.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.), who also voted against the original House bill, tolld reporters in a conference call that she oppposes the upper chamber's legislation, and she would not support any changes that come from the Senate via reconciliation.

"I will not vote for the Senate bill as is," she said, according to the Rapid City Journal. "I will not vote for a package of changes that would go through the reconciliation process."

The consensus Democratic option for passing healthcare depends on the House approving the Senate version as is, then using reconciliation in the upper chamber to address House member's remaining concerns.

But that strategy depends on a number of variables in the House. Democratic leaders must pursuade liberals that the parts of the bill they oppose will be removed eventually, while also convincing centrist Blue Dogs to go along with reconciliation.