Republicans will offer their resolution on Thursday to force a standalone, up-or-down vote on the Senate's healthcare bill.

Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.), a first-term former Democrat who joined the GOP in part over healthcare concerns, will offer the Republican resolution as a previous question to a suspension authority rule lawmakers will take up on Thursday.

The resolution seeks to force a vote on the Senate's health bill separately from the set of fixes the House wants to make to that bill.

Plans under consideration differ by calling for House Democrats to deem the Senate's healthcare bill to have passed by virtue of a vote on a rule that simultaneously makes changes to the Senate package. Those changes would be approved under budget reconciliation rules, meaning the Senate could approve them with only a simple majority of votes, instead of the 60 normally needed to end a filibuster.

A number of so-called "sweeteners" and other provisions in the Senate bill could make for a tough vote on Democratic lawmakers' record, even if it were still just a procedural step toward passing the bill with fixes.