Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) Sunday night spoke out against a Republican motion to sideline healthcare reform legislation, but which included abortion language similar to that pushed by the legislator.

Republicans filed a motion to recommit on the reconciliation package of fixes to the bill directly after the House passed the underlying Senate healthcare bill 219-212. If approved by a vote, the motion would refer the bill back to committee with instructions that included language similar to the Stupak amendment to the House's original healthcare bill.

Stupak said that the motion would derail the bill, and would not achieve the goals he sought.

"The motion to recommit does not promote life, it is the Democrats who have stood up for the principle of no public funding for abortion," he said on the House floor, calling the move "disingenuous."

Stupak and his voting bloc withheld their votes from the Senate bill until they reached a compromise with the White House earlier Sunday.