Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) called on a Republican colleague who shouted "baby killer" during a House debate to apologize on the floor for the outburst.

Stupak, a centrist Democrat who fought to attach restrictions on federal funds flowing to insurance plans which cover abortion, said Rep. Randy NeugebauerRobert (Randy) Randolph NeugebauerCordray announces he's leaving consumer bureau, promotes aide to deputy director GOP eager for Trump shake-up at consumer bureau Lobbying World MORE (R-Texas) should have to apologize to the entire House.


Neugebauer admitted yelling the remark on Monday after lawmakers wouldn't originally name the culprit in the matter. The Texas conservative made the outburst while Stupak spoke against a motion to recommit the healthcare bill House Democrats had passed to insert more restrictive language on abortion.

"Randy did call and apologize and he said it wasn't directed towards me personally," Stupak said Tuesday during a CBS News webcast.

But, because Neugebauer said the remark wasn't directed personally at Stupak, the Michigan congressman said his colleague should apologize to the whole House.

"If that's the case then it must have been directed toward the rest of the members of the House, and I would hope that Randy would just clear it up and take to the [sic] House of the floor and say 'look I didn't mean to offend anyone and if i did I apologize.'" Stupak said. "That's what he should do and that's what I would expect him to do."

Watch a video of the remarks below:

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