A poll released Tuesday shows that a plurality of the public supports the healthcare reform bill President Barack Obama signed into law earlier in the day.

49 percent of respondents in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll said that the law is a "good thing" as opposed to a bad thing and 40 percent answered to the contrary.

The results of the survey represents a significant turnaround for the legislation, which had suffered from widespread unpopularity in other polling before the House passed the overhaul Sunday night. 

Individual elements of the measure had polled well, but overall, the measure was non rated highly. 

Despite the turnaround in the polls, Republicans and Democrats remain divided over the measure, which passed through both chambers of Congress without a single Republican vote on the final product.

Also on Tuesday, 13 Republican attorneys general filed a lawsuit claiming the bill is unconstitutional and several GOP long-shot efforts have been made to repeal the bill in Congress. 

Here is more from USA Today:

No one gets overwhelmingly positive ratings on the issue, but Obama fares the best: 46% say his work has been excellent or good; 31% call it poor. Congressional Democrats get an even split: 32% call their efforts good or excellent; 33% poor.

The standing of congressional Republicans is more negative. While 26% rate their work on health care as good or excellent, a larger group, 34%, say it has been poor.