The FBI is investigating an incident at the home of Rep. Tom Perriello's (D-Va.) brother in which a gas line was reportedly cut.

Tea Partiers had posted the address of Bo Perriello online, mistakenly believing it belonged to the congressman. Perriello voted for the healthcare reform packaged the passed the House.

More from the Charlotesville Daily Progress:

The gas line connected a propane tank to a gas grill on the home’s screened-in porch, according to sources in Tom Perriello’s office.

The incident is being viewed as an attempted threat to a member of congress, sources said.


The local FBI field office and the Albemarle County fire marshal are investigating the incident. Police have stepped up patrols in the area as well.

Albemarle County spokeswoman Lee Catlin confirmed that county authorities are investigating an incident at Bo Perriello’s home in cooperation with the FBI, but she said she cannot comment on the specifics because it is an ongoing investigation.