President Barack Obama will "keep plugging away" at winning GOP support for his initiatives, a top advisor said Tuesday.

White House senior aide David Axelrod said the White House hasn't decided to abandon outreach to Republicans after a bruising healthcare battle, and that it would still look for Republican support on issues like financial regulation, education reform, and others.

"I haven't given up on Republicans. I do believe there are Republicans of good conscience who want to work together on issues," Axelrod said during an appearance on the one-year anniversary edition of ABC's "Top Line" webcast.

The administration and Democrats in Congress sparred often with Republicans in recent months over healthcare, which resulted in only a few GOP votes in committee, and none on final passage for the healthcare bill the president signed into law last week.

Axelrod said that while the administration wouldn't allow its priorities to stall amidst GOP opposition, it would still look to reach out to the opposition party for support.

"I think persistence, which is a hallmark of this president, is the key thing," he said. "We're going to continue, on every issue, to try and work with folks on the other side."

Republicans have said they have sought to work with Democrats in Congress and in the administration, but that they have been shut out of the process. Democrats, in turn, have called the GOP "obstructionist."

"I think our view is to keep plugging away, and ultimately I believe that more and more Republicans are going to come to the conclusion that it is better politics to work on the problems facing this country," Axelrod said.