President Barack Obama's approval rating reached an all-time low in the latest CBS News poll, released Friday.

The survey, taken between Mar. 29-Apr. 1, still showed that more approved of Obama's job performance (44 percent) than disapproved of it (41 percent)


Obama's approval rating is down 24 points from his previous high in Apr. 2009. His approval rating on healthcare was even lower, 34 percent approved of his handling of the issue while 55 percent disapproved.

At a healthcare town hall rally in Maine Thursday, Obama said that people should discount the polls and let the bill take time to become popular.

"Youu have to love some of the pundits in Washington," the president told the crowd. "Every single day since I signed the reform law, there’s been another poll or headline that said 'Nation still divided on health care reform. Polls haven’t changed yet.' Well, yeah.  It just happened last week.  It’s only been a week."

The president even compared members of the media to farmers who expect a crop to grow overnight. Still, the CBS poll showed underlying worry about the economy.

84 percent of those polled said they still thought the economy was in bad condition. The poll was taken before the March jobs report showed the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.7 percent but job growth at its highest level since Mar. 2007 (162,000 jobs created, including 48,000 temporary Census workers.)

More details on the poll are set to be released Friday night.