The First Family traveled to the poorest section of Washington, D.C. to attend Easter Sunday services.

President Barack Obama and his family worshiped at Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. According to the Washington Post the Obamas chose the church because it offers many community service programs for families, youth and ex-convicts.

The visit comes days after a massive shooting incident in another neighborhood in Southeast Washington that is not far from the Allen Chapel church. 

UPDATE 3:27 p.m.

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) and former mayor and current City Council member Marion Barry were in attendance. Here is some more information about Obama's apperance from the White House pool report:

The overflow crowd of congregants was standing, clapping and singing "Alleilua’" when the first family entered via a side door at 11:05 a.m. and walked along the edge of the sanctuary to sit far stage right in the second pew, setting off applause, cheers and cell-phone cameras. The altar was flanked by the American flag, in front of the Obama’s pew, and the Episcopal Church’s flag on stage left.

The pool was positioned at the back of the church, 20 pews behind the Obama family. Ten badged ushers in dark suits and bowties and white gloves lined the two aisles.

A 50-person choir arrayed on three rows in the sanctuary facing the congregation sang several gospel songs, clapping and waving to the beat of a key-board ensemble. The president swayed gently to the strong beat and the amped-up sound system.

A number of speakers referred to the president’s attendance. "the president of the United States and his family," "our black president," "the commander in chief,’"

The Rev. Dr. Michael E. Bell Sr., pastor of the church, referred to the president as the "most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president of American.’’ He called Mrs. Obama "his beautiful wife – TV cameras don’t do her justice."

"God has His hand all over you,’’ Pastor Bell said, referring to the president. "Anyone would be foolish to come up against him.’"