Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) continues to boost his national profile as he denies any plans to run for president.

The two-term governor on Friday endorsed state Sen. Tim Huelskamp in the Republican primary for Rep. Jerry Moran's (R-Kan.) seat, Huelskamp's camp announced.

Perry has also lent support to candidates in several high-profile races, including: former Rep. Scott McInnis (R), who's running for governor in Colorado, Sen. Scott Brown (R) during the Massachusetts special election and Conservative nominee Doug Hoffman during New York's 23rd House district special election last year.

"You can't be the governor of the second-largest state and not have some national persona," Perry recently told The Hill. Although Perry denies he wants to translate that national persona into a White House bid.

"I don't care about going to Washington, D.C.," he told Newsweek on Friday. He made similar comments during his interview with The Hill.

Still, Perry remains interested in federal politics.

"I want people elected to Congress, to the United States Senate, and to the presidency in 2012 with the express message that we are going to go to Washington and try to make Washington as inconsequential in your life as we can. I want the states to become the laboratories of innovation and experimentation," he said. "And I want to get this country back."

Perry is running for a third term. He faces Democrat Bill White in the general.

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