The Tea Party seems to be thriving, Ross Perot said yesterday.

From the AP:

"In a free society, you're entitled to do whatever you want to do. Time will tell how effective it is," Perot told reporters in Kansas City on Tuesday, where he was receiving a leadership award from the Army's Command and General Staff College Foundation. "Just as a layman looking at it from afar, it seems to me they are pretty well organized and getting the crowd."

Some analysts have compared the Tea Party to Perot's following in 1992 (despite the fact that Tea Partiers are more conservative than Perot was when he ran for president.)

Perot didn't comment on the alleged parallells, but did repeat his common refrain that the federal government needs to rein in the deficit.

"If we could have gotten people to listen then, we wouldn't have dug the hole as deep as it is now. It's done now and we've got to fix it," he said, according to the AP. "The sooner we start, the better off we'll be. But we've gotta be careful."