Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) told an India-based news agency that the Obama administration's policy of unmanned drone strikes against Taliban and al-Qaeda positions in Pakistan is leading the U.S. "into an area of unaccountability that leads to blowback, where we actually lose friends, where we help inspire anti-American sentiments and fanaticism and radicalism."

Kucinich, speaking to Asian News International, stressed his opposition to the strikes, which began under the Bush administration, and branded them as counterproductive.


"Just as an occupation fuels an insurgency, these drones build feelings and resistance against the United States and help gain support for those elements who wish to do America harm," Kucinich said, adding that Obama needs to "be careful not to inadvertently create the circumstances that push Pakistan into becoming a failed state."

In 2008, Kucinich denounced the Bush policy -- which has continued unabated under Obama -- as "playing with fire" and "violating international law by invading yet another nation which has not attacked the United States."

Pakistan has protested the drone strikes, saying that it supports the fight against terrorists but wants control over the U.S. drone technology.