Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D) has few nice things to say about Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D), the man whom most presume to be the Democratic frontrunner for the governor's mansion.

Spitzer, a former NY Attorney General himself, told the New York Times in an interview that Cuomo doesn't have the stomach for hard political fights, despite his repuation for "toughness":

“Toughness is not the issue. It’s easy to be tough if the selection of one’s target is driven by politics. The real test is, do you take on the battles that have been unpopular and perhaps seem impossible to win but are important to take on?”

On whether Cuomo's investigations into Wall St. have been effective:

“There’s still a little bit of a gap between headlines and reality in the areas of pursuit,” Mr. Spitzer said, adding that he would have liked “more intervention and deeper intervention, by which I mean, more granular, harder work, that would have taken a bit more time, and would have been, frankly, a bit more disruptive to Wall Street.”

On a 2007 report in which Cuomo criticized Spitzer for using state police for political purposes:

“Andrew wrote a report that was designed to entirely whitewash one side of it, and tee up the other side as a major issue,” Mr. Spitzer said. “And he lost all sense of both proportion, and I think it was driven by politics.”

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