Democrats' repeated votes on Wall Street reform amount to little more than "theatrics," a senior Republican senator said Wednesday.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), a top Republican who serves on the Senate Banking Committee, castigated the repeated votes on the legislation ahead of what's expected to be a marathon Senate session tonight to force a vote. 

"I think the Democrats are into theatrics right now," Hutchison said during an appearance on the Fox Business Network. "These votes, and talking about Wall Street -- it is the community banks who are left in the dust in this bill."

The Senate voted Monday, Tuesday and today on a motion to begin debating the bill, with 60 votes needed to clear the procedural hurdle. Democratic leaders have now said they plan to stay in session all night and repeatedly seek to break the GOP logjam on the legislation.

Hutchison again defended the unanimous Republican opposition to the bill, though signs of cracks in that bloc have emerged. 

"We're trying very hard to have a bipartisan solution, enough that we can go to the floor and know that we can have input into this bill, unlike the healthcare reform that passed earlier this year," she said.