Americans familiar with Arizona's tough, new immigration law tend to favor it, a new poll found.

51 percent of those who have heard of Arizona's new law to crack down illegal immigration said they generally favor it, a new Gallup Poll found Thursday. 39 of those who have heard of the law opposed it, while 11 percent were unsure.

The law, which is considered one of the toughest in the nation, compels local law enforcement officials to confront individuals whom they suspect of being illegal immigrants.

The measure has drawn criticism from liberals, who say it could lead to racial profiling. It has also spurred on renewed efforts in Congress to overhaul immigration laws, with even conservatives acknowledging that an absence of action by the federal government had pushed Arizona state lawmakers toward passing the new law.

Senate Democrats will unveil their outline for new legislation later on Thursday afternoon.

More broadly, 39 percent of all Americans -- a plurality -- favor the Arizona law, while 30 percent oppose it. 31 percent had no opinion or had not heard of it.

The poll, conducted April 27-28, has a four percent margin of error.