A plurality of Americans favor a path to citizenship for immigrants in the U.S. illegally, a new poll found Tuesday.

43 percent of respondents to a CBS/New York Times survey said they most favored allowing illegal immigrants to stay in their jobs and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship, compared to 32 percent who said illegal immigrants should require to leave their jobs, as well as the United States.

21 percent said they favored allowing illegal immigrants to stay in their jobs for some amount of time as guest workers.

The poll paints a somewhat divided picture over how the U.S. should handle immigrants already in the U.S. unlawfully as lawmakers hope to move forward with some comprehensive immigration reform this year. A group of top Democratic senators unveiled a bill last week that would emphasize border security before providing illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

When it comes to border security, though, respondents said there's much more to be done.

78 percent of Americans said the government could be doing more to keep immigrants from crossing the border illegally, while 17 percent believe the government is doing all it cans.

The poll, conducted April 28-May 2, has a three percent margin of error.