Both President Barack Obama and the top House Republican found reason for praise in a series of House votes Thursday for a weatherization program.

Obama hailed the House's passage of the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act, a bill which provides subsidies to make homes more energy efficient, while House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) praised a vote to force Democrats to pay for the $6.6 billion program.

"At a time when millions of Americans are looking for work and companies are ready to take on new customers, this legislation will help jumpstart job growth and demand for new products created right here in America," Obama said in a statement. "This rebate program will not only put people back to work, it will lower costs for homeowners who choose to improve their home with products like energy efficient windows, water heaters and air conditioners."

The House voted 246-161 on Thursday to pass the bill, with all but 12 Republicans voting against the weatherization bill on final passage. Republicans joined with most Democrats, though, on a successful motion to recommit the bill with instructions.

That motion, the Associated Press reported, forces the bill to comply with PAYGO rules passed by Congress earlier this year, meaning Democrats will have to identify spending cuts or new revenue sources to pay for the legislation.

Boehner found cause for praise in those changes.

"On the House floor today, we saw a rare, small victory for common sense," the Republican leader said in a statement. Boehner voted for the motion to recommit, but not the underlying bill.

"This afternoon, House Democratic Members finally said ‘enough is enough.’ They defied their Leadership by voting to gut the ‘cash for caulkers’ bill.  The Republican motion to recommit ensures that ‘cash for caulkers’ spending cannot add to our federal deficit," the Ohio Republican said. "It further requires that this money not be used to pay for swimming pool heaters, or go to wealthy families or for bureaucrats’ junkets to casinos, or to pay for advertisements touting the 'cash for caulkers' program."