Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) met with Elena Kagan this afternoon and took the opportunity to ask about her attempt to bar military recruiters from Harvard Law School.

Kagan's move to bar recruiters from a campus facility – because, she said, the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy was discriminatory and "profoundly wrong" – has emerged as the biggest conservative talking point against her nomination. Brown, however, seemed satisfied with the solicitor general's explanation.

"She answered it, I felt, very honestly, and it was very clear to me after we spoke about it at length that she is supportive of the men and women who are fighting to protect us and very supportive of the military as a whole," Brown told reporters after the meeting.

"I do not feel that her judicial philosophy will be hurting men and women who are serving," Brown added.

The Massachusetts Republican would not say whether he will support Kagan.