President Barack Obama did not call on any English-language news outlets at his Wednesday press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, possibily to avoid any questions on Tuesday's primary elections.

In the White House Rose Garden, the president said he and Calderon had time to take one question from each side.

Obama stunned White House reporters when, instead of calling on the Associated Press or one of the broadcast television networks, he called on a reporter from Univision, who asked about the Arizona immigration law.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs pointed out that Univision started as a TV station in San Antonio and is now headquartered in New York City.

Univision is a Spanish-language media company that markets itself as "the leading Spanish-language media company serving the rapidly growing Hispanic population in the U.S.," according to its website. 

In a statement to The Hill, a Univision spokeswoman said: "Not only is Univision a U.S. based company -- we are headquartered in New York City -- but we are one of the top five networks in the country regardless of language."

Calderon called on a reporter from Mexico who likewise asked Obama about immigration.

Calderon was never asked, nor did he answer, a question.

The White House billed the event as a news conference, which traditionally features a foreign head of state and the president, who will each take a "one and one" or a "two and two," meaning one or two reporters from each country will be called on to ask a question.

On Wednesday, many reporters were anticipating the president being asked about both immigration and Tuesday night's election results that saw yet another Democratic ally of Obama's — this time Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.) — go down in defeat.

When CBS' Chip Reid called out a question about the elections after the conference, Obama kept walking with Calderon to the Oval Office.

Reid was in the Oval Office with the president on Monday when Obama signed the Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act.

Reid asked Obama a question then, but Obama said he would not be answering any questions.

Obama has not held a formal press conference with the White House press corps in months. He took questions in the White House briefing room a few months ago and held a press conference at April's nuclear summit.

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