Linda McMahon confirmed last night what was widely suspected: Her campaign assisted the New York Times in producing the article that has upended Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's Senate camapign.

Speaking to Fox News's Sean Hannity, McMahon said her campaign "contributed some research" to the piece.

“[T]hey had initiated the story," she said. "We contributed some research to the story for the New York Times but they initiated, they did the research, they did all the verification for it."

She denied a "conspiracy," repeating that "some of our research, I think, helped them later on after they broke the story."

The Times has already taken heat for failing to acknowledge the main quote in their piece came from a speech in which Blumenthal later correctly described his service. (Though yesterday another quote surfaced in which Blumenthal said he "wore the uniform in Vietnam.")

The news that McMahon "contributed some research" to the Times is not likely to mollify those questioning the piece.