Rep. Steven LaTourette (Ohio) had strong words for Fox News on Tuesday.

In a floor speech, the Republican ripped the conservative-leaning network for calling a "bailout" legislation that deals with union pension plans that he supports.

"Mr. Speaker, I am going to veer off-message," he began. "I think as a Republican, I’m supposed to love Fox News and hate [liberal-leaning] MSNBC. Now, I’m going to tell you, I do hate MSNBC, but something just happened on Fox News that compelled me to come to the floor."

He continued, saying, "Well, that’s nonsense and I don’t know who the pinhead and weenie is at Fox News that decided to put that story together." LaTourette concluded by saying "I don’t know what they’re doing at Fox News, but they should stop smoking it and get back to reporting the facts."

Critics say the bill wrongly gives taxpayer dollars to companies that have troubled union pension plans. Supporters say it will keep the funds solvent over the long term, thus avoiding a massive emergency bailout.

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) has ushered similar legislation through the Senate.


(h/t Think Progress)