Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenVirginia GOP gubernatorial nominee acknowledges Biden was 'legitimately' elected BuzzFeed News finds Biden's private Venmo account Kid reporter who interviewed Obama dies at 23 MORE on Wednesday took an unexpected dig at Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal for misstating his military service record. 

While speaking at a barbecue for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he commented about veterans coming home from the Vietnam War. Biden, who has a penchant for being loquacious, veered into the Connecticut Senate race.


"I didn't serve in Vietnam. I don't want to make a Blumenthal mistake here," he said according to a pool report. "Our attorney general from Connecticut, God love him."

Later he said "I have a bad habit of saying exactly what I think."

Blumenthal became the brunt of Republican criticism after The New York Times reported he misstated his service record during the Vietnam War on several occasions.

The attorney general, who is the front-runner in the race, said he served in Vietnam and gave the impression he returned from the war and was spit upon with fellow veterans. 

After receiving several deferments, Blumenthal finally enlisted in the Marine Reserves and served in Washington, D.C.

The candidate has apologized for his comments and Democrats have stood beside him, saying the criticism against him is simply his opponents blowing matters out of proportion.

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