ACLU receives $19M after suing over Trump immigration ban
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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has received more than $19 million since Saturday, and has hundreds of thousands of new members since it took action against President Trump's executive order calling for a 90-day ban on nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the United States and an indefinite pause on admitting refugees from Syria.

The ACLU announced Sunday evening it had raised $19.4 million from 290,000 donations since Saturday. The average it takes in per year is $3 million to $4 million, according to Reuters reporter Dustin Volz. 



The donations and membership growth is “unprecedented,” Anthony Romero, the ACLU’s executive director, told Yahoo News.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Romero said. “People are fired up and want to be engaged. What we’ve seen is an unprecedented public reaction to the challenges of the Trump administration.”


The ACLU gained more than 150,000 new members as of early Sunday, and received millions in donations.

It filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration on Saturday on behalf of two men detained at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport and threatened with deportation.

A federal judged issued an emergency stay on Trump’s executive order as a result of the lawsuit. The two men were later released.

ACLU members celebrated the judicial decision on Saturday.

“I hope Trump enjoys losing,” ACLU national director Faiz Shakir told Yahoo News Saturday. “He’s going to lose so much we’re going to get sick and tired of his losing.” 

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