In another sign that Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) could have some trouble with Pennsylvania Democrats next year, a coalition of liberal Democrats has launched a new website designed to keep track of Specter is being "progressive" enough.

The "Specter Scorecard" provides a breakdown of how Specter has voted since switching to the Demcoratic Party and compares it to how he should have voted to the groups. The website is funded by "Keystone Progress," "PennAction," "ProgressNow" and "True Majority."

Currently, the website says Specter is batting .500.

The site is another sign that Specter faces an uphill battle with Democratic activists who are wary of accepting the former Republican to the Democratic Party. Earlier this week, a Susquehanna Polling and Research survey found that a majority of Pennsylvania Democrats think Specter should have to earn the Democratic nomination in a primary.

It is this same discontent that we have previously noted another Democrat, like Rep. Joe Sestak, might be able to tap into in their Senate campaign.