This will undoubtedly fuel the 2012 presidential speculation. Reid Wilson has the story:
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) will announce Tuesday he will not seek a third term in office, sources close to his decision have told The Hill.

Pawlenty will make an official announcement of his plans at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. His office did not return phone calls seeking confirmation.

Pawlenty will not rule out a White House bid, sources say.

A two-term Republican governor of an increasingly Democratic state, Pawlenty is one of a few mentioned frequently as potential White House contenders in 2012. He represents a more centrist approach, though he has recently carved out a niche for himself by single-handidly closing a budget gap over the objections of Democrats in the state legislature.

But Pawlenty has also been an outspoken advocate for a new approach for the GOP. He has repeatedly spoken of appealing to what he calls Sam's Club voters, independents more focused on pocketbook issues than on divisive social issues.