Facebook spokeswoman Randi Zuckerberg is "full of s--t" for asserting that the GOP refused to work with Facebook at its convention last summer, according to 2008 Republican National Convention Communications Director Matt Burns.

Zuckerberg claimed Facebook representatives at last summer's Democratic National Convention were treated "like rock stars," while no one would meet with the company during the Republican National Convention.

Burns left a comment on the blog Inside Facebook which reported on Zuckerberg's remarks.

"With all due respect, Randi Zuckerberg is totally full of sh*t on this one -- at least as her comments relate to the Republican National Convention," Burns wrote. "As the Director of Communications for the convention, I can tell you we worked closely with Google/YouTube, Ustream.tv, Microsoft, and countless other companies to create a comprehensive and successful online campaign"

Burns accused Zuckerberg of trashing the GOP in front of a liberal audience, and said the DNC access afforded to Facebook was meant to inflate the company's ego.

The technology blog TechCrunch confirmed that burns did, in fact, leave the comment.

"I LOVE Facebook as much as the next person, but think the criticism was a bit misdirected," Burns told the blog. "I can